What She Will album out now!

The album is now up on iTunes and Spotify, Amazon and the like.
CLICK HERE to get your its on it r just type Jonah Maddox into search bars far and wide.
The show was a pleasure to be part of, writing is by far my favourite part of the musical process, and learning the bouzouki was so much fun. It is the best instrument I have ever played. Fylde Archtop if anyone is interested. Handmade in UK. Delicious.
Thanks to all those that came down to the theatre and watched the shows last week, they were very fun, and we sold out of CDs!
Here we are in our snazzy outfits.

What She Will SOLD OUT all nights

For those of you joining us this week at the Brideswell Theatre in Blackfriars, London, we hope you are looking forward to the performances as much as we are. The set is looking great and the cast are acting great and hopefully we are sounding great.
For those who couldn’t get tickets fret not, at least you will be able to enjoy the music still. Last week myself, Lee and Joanna our fiddle player, recorded all ten songs from the play in a day and a half. It was very tiring, we recorded in East Finchley Methodist church which is an awesome space with beautiful natural reverb. I produced the recording and Simon at Capstone mixed it and Frank at Carvery Cuts mastered. All done in a week.
It will be on sale on CD at the play and I will get it up on Spotify afterwards.

ALSO we will be performing all the songs from the play, interspersed with some choice monologues from the cast, on the 16th July 2015 at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell, the same place we sold out many moons ago for my album release. Exciting. Tickets and more to come.

Thanks to all those that bought tickets and see you this week.

Bringing you up to speed as they say…

Hi there people of the world, specifically, you, reading this. I hope these words find you well. I just wanted to let you know that I am not dead, still here, working hard and creating a family, but still here.

I also wanted to tell you that I have been approached to write music for a new Shakespeare play which will be performed in March 2015 at the Brideswell Theatre, Blackfriars, London. I know, I know, Shakepsearre hasn’t had any new plays for ages, but this one is not entirely written by the bard fellow; it has been written and is being directed by Jane Jones and focuses on the importance of the women in Shakepseare’s life, the story is told by Ann Hathaway, Shakespeare’s wife.

So, I am actually in the play, I’m the Minstrel and with bouzouki in tow I will be treading the boards, with accompinement from the ever faithful Lee Danger Cooper, who played with me on my last EP and has been gigging with me ever since.

The music we are creating is in my style, a little more contemporary than Shakespeare would have been used but hopefully he would have approved, purists will be relieved to hear I am not altering his words, having the most famous playwright in history as the lyricist for my new music is quite exciting!

What’s more I will be recording the music as a soundtrack and releasing it some way or another.

Exciting times ahead, but for now, toodle plop.

New EP out today!

Not only are the delicious flavours of spring and hints of summer floating through the air like sexy little sensory subtleties, but today, here at Mount Jonah; Basecamp Maddox, we are proud to launch into the unsuspecting world our new EP.

Let “Three & Four” penertrate each and every ear you people own; dance in the streets to the sounds of our dolcit tone. Move your bodies in rythmn to Sooz’s cello skills, writhe in time with Lee’s firm round bass and cover yourselves in butter to the tremble of Jonah’s banjo strings.

These are just some of the things I expect reviewers will be saying about our release……

Anyhoo, I know it’s a bit sudden but I thought I would just whack the new EP up before our gig with Karima Francis on Tues.

Four new tracks played by Lee, Sooz and I…with a bit of added drumming from Ed Downham. thanks Ed.

The EP is called Three & Four (3 friends, 4 songs) and is quite different to my debut album, it is a lot more band based, that is thanks to the excellent Sooz on cello, drums and a bit of violin, and Lee on the double bass and guitar. I still rock the guitar, banjo, harmonica and fiddle and we all sing together in a nice wholesome way.

It will be on Spotify and the like soon but for now you can get it here


Toodle bye

We’re supporting the wonderful Karima Francis

Hi chaps and chapettes,

Lee, Sooz and I are excited to announce we are supporting the excellent Karima Francis at the brilliant Slaughtered Lamb for the amazing Pull up the Roots on Tuesday 20th March.

Cheapo tickets have sold out but there are still some cheapo-ish and normal tickets left here – http://www.wegottickets.com/event/157424

Check out Karima’s first album it is beautiful.

Here’s more info – http://www.pulluptheroots.co.uk/page.php?id=76


Rooftop Session – New song video

Evening all.

We have all been a bit quite of late, I have gone freelance so I have been working like a maniac in fear of becoming homeless, Lee has been working all night because he is a sucker and I think Sooz has been trying to read a children’s book.

Anyhoo, on Sunday we were having a practice and thought it might be nice to film a song on the roof. So we did. Sooz has an awesome roof out of her back door and we even had her friendly neighbours watching and clapping us. Here’s the song, it’s called Somersaults and we have recorded it, along with 3 other tunes and when we get a couple more we will release an new EP.

We have a gig on 22 October at Bar 23 in Dalston for Oxjam which we are really excited about, we did a couple of house party style gigs for Oxjam over the summer and they were brilliant, it’s a fiver in advance, I think will sell out so here is the ticket link. One ticket gets exchanged for a wristband on the day and you can visit a few venues in the area to see different bands. Im going to see my friend play, he’s in a band called The Drop. All info is HERE

Hope to see you all there.

Big love,

Jonah, Sooz and Trampy.