Jonah searches for cast of Music video for Pandas Fighting.

So we are filming a music video for my song ‘Pandas Fighting’ on the first sunday of october at Hampstead Heath.

We need loads of lovely people to dress as animals and come join us, the band will be dressed as pandas in kigu suits ( but you can come as any animal you like.
Have a look here for inspiration – KIGU, there suits are awesome, and also here for cheaper options.

We will have a face painter there and the crew are all pros as are the post production between them responsible for music vids for Jamie T, Plan B, Calvin Harris and ads for Carlsberg, Florence and the Machine, Beyoncé and so on and on so is blatantly gunna look awesome even with my gurning face on it!

The key is to not come with just some cat ears on or something, but have a tail and a furry top etc, the more adventurous the outfit the better. We especially like full body outfits.

The idea is the band will have a day of shooting sync of their song dressed as pandas on the saturday, the sunday shoot will be for the animal party.

Basically the camera operators will be going around shooting animals in their natural habitat, playing rounders, drinking, reading magazines, picking their nose, fighting, kissing and anything else you can think of.
It is a normal party, it just happens to be all animals.

If you would like to get involved we would love to have you, we will have food and beer for all and should be a good laugh, plus you get to be in what will be an awesome video. Feel free to bring any props you think would be cool, inflatable footballs, cream pies, trampolines, bikes, aeroplanes, cabbages, whatevs.

Msg me or comment any questions, let us know if you’re going to attend, email our producer, for any queries and send this invite or this link around to all you think might like this kinda thing.
The more the merrier.