2011 – So far

The sun is shining in the blue sky, a blackbird sings good morn and my overgrown and neurotically fenced in back ‘garden’ is partially lit up by warm rays in the north west corner.

This lucid depiction of my habitation can stand as a metaphor for my 2011 so far.

Lee, Susie and I have spent the winter months industriously toiling a new set together, testing out various band names and writing new songs and recording. (So that is the morning part of the metaphor, like the start of the year, yer?)

We played only our second gig of the year last week at Nambucca and showcased our new set. Gone are the days of forlorn silence and welcome are the days of people actually bopping along to the sounds. Yey. (this is like the blackbird singing….ish)

Although we have had quite a few months off,  in terms of gigs (like a neurotically fenced in garden) we wanted to get our new set to the point we were happy with it. Much has changed, Sooz now not only plays cello and sings but on her right foot has a kick drum and strapped to her left leg; some shakers!

(Now for the sun in the garden) So to the future? We are playing as part of the City Showcase festival on May 6th at the Eastpak shop on Carnaby street, 5pm…. Also we will have 4 new songs that will crop up masquerading as singles in the coming months, many more gigs and a tour to go with it, we’re even playing in Poland!

From camp Jonah Maddox, ergh that sound’s narcissistic, I bid you a farewell. X

Post Script –

Oh em geeee. I just ran out to my partially lit garden to scare a cat away, this cat is always there weeing and the like, and my cat, Radical, is a delicate creature and doesn’t appreciate other felines using her garden/toilet as their garden/toilet. On finding this cat aloof to my anger, standing with her back to me, carelessly disregarding my ‘tshhhhtthhh’ noises, I tapped, and i mean tapped, gently and almost tenderly tapped this brutish offender on the tail only to find it’s legs give way beneath it and the whole unit fall to the floor in fear. The, what I now realise to be, DEAF cat ran away with the upmost apologies and politeness. Guilt in-suede and lesson learned. Never creep up on a deaf cat. Someone should remove it’s ears so we all know, or maybe it needs a guide dog. That would be an amusing spectacle.

Post post script –

Who cleans up a guide dogs poo?