New EP out today!

Not only are the delicious flavours of spring and hints of summer floating through the air like sexy little sensory subtleties, but today, here at Mount Jonah; Basecamp Maddox, we are proud to launch into the unsuspecting world our new EP.

Let “Three & Four” penertrate each and every ear you people own; dance in the streets to the sounds of our dolcit tone. Move your bodies in rythmn to Sooz’s cello skills, writhe in time with Lee’s firm round bass and cover yourselves in butter to the tremble of Jonah’s banjo strings.

These are just some of the things I expect reviewers will be saying about our release……

Anyhoo, I know it’s a bit sudden but I thought I would just whack the new EP up before our gig with Karima Francis on Tues.

Four new tracks played by Lee, Sooz and I…with a bit of added drumming from Ed Downham. thanks Ed.

The EP is called Three & Four (3 friends, 4 songs) and is quite different to my debut album, it is a lot more band based, that is thanks to the excellent Sooz on cello, drums and a bit of violin, and Lee on the double bass and guitar. I still rock the guitar, banjo, harmonica and fiddle and we all sing together in a nice wholesome way.

It will be on Spotify and the like soon but for now you can get it here

Toodle bye

We’re supporting the wonderful Karima Francis

Hi chaps and chapettes,

Lee, Sooz and I are excited to announce we are supporting the excellent Karima Francis at the brilliant Slaughtered Lamb for the amazing Pull up the Roots on Tuesday 20th March.

Cheapo tickets have sold out but there are still some cheapo-ish and normal tickets left here –

Check out Karima’s first album it is beautiful.

Here’s more info –