Groovy review of a gig we did!

Hi chapalatoes and chickaroonis I am currently slobbing around in my pants, sweating and shivering in equal measure, fearing for my life more and more by each passing second. I am sure I just coughed up something vital. I have man flu, and this time it’s serious. ish. possibly.

Like the light at the end of a tunnel though, something cheers me through these dark days: A delightful website called fwdmusic reviewed the gig where we supported Karima Francis and treated our music favourably. If it pleases you then read the aforementioned review here.

For now that is all, a small boast and I’m back to bedfordshire.

I hope this is farewell and not goodbye. (cough, splutter, wheeze)

PS Click on the picture to watch a song from the gig