Music for plays

Although I have been busy creating my empire of children recently I have written some music for a theatre group in London.

Here are some covers in Jonah style I created for Through a Glass Darkly by Rosie Fiore.

And here is a sad song I wrote for Director, Sal Fulcher’s version of Eurydice.

Some archive melarchy

It’s been a while.

Sooz moved to Canada then Australia so she is as far from us as possible, I think she got bored of wotsits and humus.

Lee Danger Cooper went back to wrestling but this time not the physical kind but the metaphysical – he’s wrestling with the problems of the day.

Jonah, from now on referred to as I, moved out of London got married and had children so his once musical fingers are mostly being used to change nappies and press 772 on the remote (CBEEBIES).

However, I have found a few archive pieces and plopped them up on my Soundcloud.

Also some more recent music I have made for more theatre productions.

New music WILL follow at some point!